How Playing Hockey Makes Kids More Mature

For many years, parents around the world have believed that enrolling their child in a competitive sport at a young age will encourage growth and maturity as the child develops. Sports which emphasize the importance of teamwork, self-growth, development, and discipline often play a significant role in helping young kids learn vital life lessons, helping them to mature in the process. Playing a sport can have benefits to all aspects of your child’s life, and hockey offers more benefits than most. Although hockey is time consuming and difficult to learn, it teaches children a wide array of important life lessons which will help them to develop properly as they grow older.

Character Building

One of the primary ways in which hockey helps children grow more mature is through character building; to be successful at hockey, one much understand the importance of both teamwork and discipline, both of which are important to one’s character. By understanding the importance of teamwork on the ice, children can apply those values to other challenges they face throughout their lives. In addition, hockey is one of the most difficult sports in the world, and learning how to play it with ease requires many hours of intense practice. When your child attends hockey practice for over twenty hours a week, they will begin to see how discipline helps improve their game. Their coaches will teach them how imperative it is that they work hard to achieve their goals, and through this your children will learn to self-discipline, as well as develop excellent perseverance.

While your child is young, many of these concepts will stay directly related to their performance on the ice, but as they grow older these important life skills will lend hand to their character. When your child learns how to work with a team and how to do a hard task until it is done properly, they will be able to better work with society, whether on the ice, in the classroom, at home, or in the workplace.


Going along with the theme of character building, one of the major concepts your child will learn quickly from playing hockey is respect. Although a part of one’s general character, respect deserves its own specific mention due to how important it is for your child. By playing hockey, your child will learn to respect leaders as well as their peers. By taking a coach’s advice, young children learn to respect authority, which will help their behavior at home and at school. Your child will be less likely to talk back, and will also be less likely to disrespect their teachers. In addition, by learning how to respect both allied and opposing players on the ice, they will learn how to respect their classmates, and even their siblings.

Overall, the character building benefits of hockey really can really lend hand to helping your child mature and develop important life skills. One of the biggest reasons to enroll your child in a sport is the character they will improve because of it, and this kind of major character building over time will result in a very mature young person.

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