Meet Marc

Marc Doiron

How Long Have You Worked Here?

25 Years

What's The Best Part Of Your Job?

The best part of my job is… well… just about everything. My teammates, Helping our customers, Problem solving, Being a role model, Freedom. I love coming to work everyday!

What's Your Favourite Sport?

Its a tough one... I would have to say Baseball..but a close second would be Hockey

What's Your Best Equipment Tip For That Sport?

Regardless of which manufacturer you choose or how much you are spending, when purchasing any new piece of equipment it must fit correctly. Products should be bought that best suits your budget and that fit properly. Everyone is different; big or small, tall or short, how you play the game, what position you play, the correct fitting of equipment will allow you to perform at your best and help you keep safe from injury.

What's Your Best Sports Memory?

1993...Game Six of the World Series........Joe Carter's 3-run home run in the bottom of the ninth, defeat the Phillies 8-6 at SkyDome to capture back-to-back World Series Championships. And hopefully this is the year for another!!