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The Ultimate Parents “New To Hockey” Checklist

At Dorion’s Sport Excellence, we really pride ourselves on providing incredible equipment, professional and helpful advice and ensuring your young one is ready to go when it’s Ice time. There’s lots of blogs, info and resources available, but we wanted to give a personal guide based on a brand new busy parents point of view. Recently we spoke with Jacques who is a new hockey parent. He gave us some tips for all of you wondering how to stay sane in the cold rinks…

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Rogers Hometown Hockey Saint John

Rogers Hometown Hockey is back. Every Canadian city tells a hockey story and Season 3 is another chance to listen to some more. This season Ron McLean will visit Saint John, New Brunswick , with a weekend long, free event for all. When Is It? October 22-23 will see the Rogers Hometown Hockey come to Saint John. The free festival will kick off from around noon on the Saturday, with plenty of family-friendly activities and programming throughout the weekend. This…

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World Cup of Hockey Has Arrived.

World Cup of Hockey The Hockey World Cup is here, and it is one of the most important years for Canadians. People from around the world are coming to witness the teams battle against each other for the title of world’s best. The Third Year of Hockey This is just the third instalment of the World Cup of Hockey. Unlike other sports, the instalments happen further apart, with the last one being 12 years ago! So, for all hockey fans,…

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The Anatomy of a Soccer Cleat

Soccer is recognized as the most highly spectated sport in the world, and for good reason. It’s exciting to watch as well as play, however those looking to play soccer should consider the implications before making a final consideration. One of the most important considerations to keep in mind is the nature of the equipment being used, as soccer gear can be vastly different from source to source. Arguably the most important piece of soccer equipment are the cleats, as…

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How to Break in a Glove

As children, little is more exciting than breaking in a new baseball glove. The excitement of using the new glove on the field is enough to fill any child’s eyes with wonder, and this often carries into adulthood with the purchase of new gloves. While new gloves are exciting, there are a number of ways that can making breaking them in far more efficient, giving players a more effective piece of gear that will allow them to perform their best…

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How to Fit Lacrosse Gear

As in any sport, it’s important that lacrosse equipment be properly fitted for those looking to perform their best on the field. Poorly fitted equipment can result in lowered performance and even injury, making it pertinent that lacrosse gear be properly chosen. Lacrosse gear has often been compared to hockey gear, however there are a number of differences that must be accounted for; due to the nature of the sport, lacrosse equipment can have vastly different weights based on their…

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How Playing Hockey Makes Kids More Mature

For many years, parents around the world have believed that enrolling their child in a competitive sport at a young age will encourage growth and maturity as the child develops. Sports which emphasize the importance of teamwork, self-growth, development, and discipline often play a significant role in helping young kids learn vital life lessons, helping them to mature in the process. Playing a sport can have benefits to all aspects of your child’s life, and hockey offers more benefits than…

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How to Choose the Right Hockey Stick

Much like a golf club, choosing the correct hockey stick that best suits you is vital to your performance on the ice. Many factors lend hand to which stick will work best for you and your playstyle, and it is wildly important that every hockey player know which stick to choose for themselves. Numerous factors go in to choosing the right stick, including: Composite vs. Wood Hockey sticks are typically made from one of two materials: composite, and wood. Traditionally,…

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Minor Hockey Parents – How to Stay Sane!

Raising an athlete is no easy task, and raising a hockey player takes this to a whole new level. From some parents feeling overprotective of their young star, to others being concerned that the coach may be too harsh, many minor hockey parents are tearing their hair out over their child’s new hobby. Many find themselves wondering, “how will I be able to handle this for the next ten years?!” however by following the tips below, you may find yourself…

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The Road to Quispamsis

It’s a long journey for many Midget-aged hockey players across the country… from 156 teams to the final six, youth hockey players are battling it out to get the opportunity to continue their season in Quispamsis, New Brunswick at the 2016 TELUS Cup, the Midget national championships. In conjunction with Hockey New Brunswick and the Town of Quispamsis, the Saint John Vito’s will host the tournament at the QPlex. Right now, teams are playing off for top spot in their…

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