Three Pillars

Professional Service
Real Selection
Commitment to Community

Create your signature Lacrosse head!

Our expert stringers will help you customize your new or used lacrosse head to your liking!You can select the colour of mesh, sidewall, and shooting strings.

Wall of Dreams

We play the game and we know how important it is to have the selection! We are striving to be the best Baseball store in the Maritimes!

Trade in, trade up: our junior skate trade-in program

Kids grow fast, but it’s important that they wear skates that fit them well. It’s tough! That’s why we offer a great trade-in program for youth and junior skates.

SRS® stick repairs that keep your stick on the ice

SRS® stick repairs that keep your stick on the ice

Skate Sharpening

Our Blademaster triple-head sharpening machine lets us customize your sharpening to your style of skating. Ask us about the Brownie Points Loyalty App and earn rewards with every sharpening.

MVP of the Month

This is where we celebrate our local athletes, and say thanks to the volunteers and local sports organizations that nurture them. If you know an MVP we should feature, please email us a photo and bio to

Meet the team

Regardless of which manufacturer you choose or how much you are spending, when purchasing any new piece of equipment it must fit correctly. Products should be bought that best suits your budget and that fit properly. Everyone is different; big or small, tall or short, how you play the game, what position you play, the correct fitting of equipment will allow you to perform at your best and help you keep safe from injury.